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Tinka with her child


My strength: 13 years of interdisciplinary experience to meet the requirements of users, distribution strategies and brand goals alike. I see myself as a link between content strategy, experience design, SEO, marketing and management.

My claim is to offer sustainable product development with real added value for users and brands. I achieve this through data-driven research, user-centered conception, emotional storytelling, gamification aspects and iterative optimization.

My conviction: A motivated team is the guarantor for outstanding results. I understand leadership as service and create a team spirit of togetherness with plenty of room for open communication, fun and creativity.

Outside of work, I find inspiration in the little things in life like playground adventures with my family, slow-food cooking with friends, enthusiasm for literature, geology, and sociology, and smaller creative projects – digital, tactile, crafty, and almost always colorful. And of course the bigger things like adventure road trips through our incredible world.

My hunger and curiosity about life drives me to experience all it has to offer. This thirst for life is evident in all of my work. For me, there is no clear boundary between creativity, work and play.

13 years of experience

Content Director at Jellyfish
Head of Content Marketing at Webedia
Creative Brand Strategist at Webedia
Online Marketing Manager at Stocubo
Performance Marketing Manager at RSM
Editor in Chief at 1001 Ventures
SEO Editor at 1001 Ventures

Latest Certificates & Trainings

Emotional Design – How to Make Products People Will Love
Interaction Design Foundation

Gamification – How to Create Engaging User Experiences
Interaction Design Foundation

Accessibility: How to Design for All
Interaction Design Foundation

Data-Driven Design: Quantitative Research for UX
Interaction Design Foundation

Design Thinking
Interaction Design Foundation

Negotiating according to the Harvard Principle
Good Negotiation

Coaching employee appraisals
Quest Team

Coaching employee leadership
Quest Team

What others appreciate about me 🙏

“When creativity and storytelling meet market and people insight, the result is the kind of attention and communication that brands dream of. Tinka builds projects that are impressively strategically thought-out, boldly creatively designed, and highly efficiently executed. She is also incredibly pleasant to communicate with and picks up stakeholders where they need it. It’s really fun to brainstorm with Tinka and get things off the ground. I can’t imagine a better content marketing expert.”

Mo Hamid
Vice President, Operations | Jellyfish

“Tinka Manneck is an inspiring person when it comes to concepts, strategy and content. Her ability to emphasisse with client projects of different kinds and her commitment to getting the best performance out of them is second to none. In addition, her creative personality is infectoius and it is a great pleasure to reinvent the wheel toghether with her or to strive for the best possible optimisations.”

Jessica Walter
Team Lead Social Media & Community | Freaks 4U Gaming GmbH

“Anyone who has the pleasure of working with Tinka can experience first-hand how creativity and effectiveness go hand in hand. As a team leader and product manager, she knows how to create a motivating and harmonious working atmosphere without losing sight of the big picture. Equipped with great empathy, she is able to put herself in the perspective of employees and customers alike – and thus develop the right solution for all sides.”

Sebastian Daniels
Managing Editor | Jellyfish GmbH