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Project Insights


Unitymedia’s QUADRATAUGE is a showcase for successful content marketing with a steep organic growth rate and high user NPS.

As project lead of the film and series portal from 2018 – 2021, I was able to explore and test new paths of project structure with a great team.

What are the key success factors behind QUADRATAUGE?


Unitymedia’s platform for movie and series fans offers inspiration and information about streaming. The company’s objectives are to strengthen brand loyalty and a positive brand image, and to reduce acquisition costs for new customers.

The main distribution channels are Google (SEO), Facebook, newsletter and YouTube. The portal was the only content marketing project that was continued after the takeover by Vodafone in 2020 (integration in Vodafone Featured).

Numbers we are proud of

KPI excerpt from 2019:

The KPIs defined together with the customer were significantly exceeded in 2019: Traffic via SEO by 177%, Page Views by 210%, FB Reach by 149% and YouTube Watchtime by 252%.

• Produktion: 304 Artikel & Quizze
• 3.6 Mio Unique Users
• 6.9 Mio Page Views
• 73% SEO Traffic

• Ø 1.31 Min Time on Site
• Ø 28.6% Bounce Rate

• Produktion: 84 YouTube Videos
• YouTube: 4 Mio Unique Viewers
• YouTube: 5.8 Mio Views
• Facebook: 0.04 € CPC (Click to portal)

1. ALL STAKEHOLDERS are part of the team

An important success factor is good cooperation between all project participants. At QUADRATAUGE, we were very fortunate that togetherness was actually lived in the team: Flat hierarchies, a strong “we” feeling and the common goal united all colleagues, so that the employees on the company and agency side merged into a strong team.

Screenshot QUADRATAUGE 2019

Our approach

• Shared objectives: The SMART objectives and KPIs were always defined jointly. This way, everyone is pulling in the same direction.

• Fixed QUADRATAUGE team: On the company and agency side, there was a fixed and long-term project unit that worked only for QUADRATAUGE. Thus, full concentration on a project and constant availability were guaranteed.

• Regular communication: Meaningful jour fixes and the possibility to always clarify questions in between in a short way ensured a smooth workflow for everyone. Goodbye bottleneck.

• Open communication and constructive error culture: Small and large challenges were communicated transparently and solutions were discussed within the team. In this way, we got better and better together.

• Workshops & team events: Joint workshops followed by team events brought everyone even closer together. In the head as well as in the heart.

2. Merging of Competencies

We wanted to break new ground and assembled a permanent and long-term team for QUADRATAUGE. Our assumptions: A 360° all-around view is more effective than silo thinking in the subject area. The people who primarily managed the site were therefore trained in all the disciplines needed – editorial, SEO, data analysis, UX and marketing. This benefited the project, but also the staff. And measurably through outstanding KPI, high motivation and very low turnover in the team.

Traffic growth chart from 2018 and 2019

Image description: QUADRATAUGE Traffic growth 2018 to 2019

If the traffic in January 2019 was about 200,000 unique users, the site already recorded almost 540,000 visitors per month in December 2019.

Our approach

• Content editors with additional training in SEO and data analysis: The chances of achieving SERP 1 were increased enormously because all editors knew how data-based high-performance storytelling works, from the research of the topic (search volume) to the creation and evaluation of the article (reach).

Editors were also assigned to SoMe and Videoscript on a rotating basis: this meant that each editor was very familiar with pull and push principles – and this had an impact on format creation, which took into account the specifics of the distribution channels.

• The editors received regular internal SEO and UX training: This kept everyone up to date and sensitized. Any questions that arose could also be clarified quickly with internal contacts.

• UX meets SEO meets technology: UX designers and developers were also familiar with the SEO requirements, so the further development of the site always had the algorithm in mind.

3. New Work: Leadership as a service

My conviction: A motivated team is the guarantor for outstanding results. I understand good leadership above all as an effort to create a safe environment in which every employee can work successfully. That’s why I focus on individual professional and personal support, open communication, and room for creative freedom. In addition, I created a playful working atmosphere that accepts obstacles as challenges and enables constant growth through a positive culture of mistakes.

Organization chart for team structure on agency side

Image description: Organizational chart for team structure

As Project and UX Lead on the agency side, Tinka Manneck is in direct contact with the team at Unitymedia. Tinka orchestrates the Content, Marketing, Design and Developement teams.

Our approach

• Transparency at every level: An open exchange of information was important so that everyone felt they were being met. This created trust, but also the framework for acting with a great deal of creative freedom. News and challenges were discussed in short informal dailies.

• Monthly One-to-Ones as a service offering: Clear expectations and objectives are important. The One-to-One was about supporting employees to achieve their individual goals and finding out what each individual employee needs right now to remain successful and motivated. This was achieved through empathy, trust and open communication on equal basis.

• Quick help in urgent cases: Being available at short notice, listening calmly, finding solutions together, taking responsibility and a positive error culture were the keys for me to create a safe working environment and get everyone out of the panic zone quickly, even in stressful times.

• 2x a month small regulars’ table and four team events per year: Just have a good time drinking beer, playing games or watching a movie after work (also virtual). Or at bigger events like escaperoom adventures. After all, in addition to exciting projects, it is above all the time spent with great colleagues that motivates us anew every day.

• Closeness in the age of the home office: a daily 15-minute virtual coffee break to meet and recharge the batteries. Serious work discussions were taboo, it was all about having fun, laughing and switching off for that little energy boost in between. This promotes solidarity across space and time and is really good for you. For that we got to take the the time!


I led the team through the relaunch of Unitymedia’s digital entertainment portal and helped to create a standout site experience. This project involves everything from UX design, content strategy and SEO.